Sunday, June 10, 2012


Well, they did it.

I cannot, I simply cannot, begin to adequately express my pride or glee that I have flowing inside of me right now. I really don't think you can understand until you've been there.

So let me try, and I do mean try, to paint you a picture.

Two years ago I walked into Detroit Cristo Rey High School as a Mercy Volunteer. My role? Serving lunch; peer mediation; monitoring study hall; teaching creative writing; teaching life skills. I was busy, but I was lucky, because I knew every single student. I didn't teach just one class or sit in an office. I was in every classroom, in the hallways, in the lunch room. I had conversations with every student. I heard some pretty heartbreaking stories. I got letters stuffed in my hands in between classes from students, particularly the girls, who just needed some advice. I worried about the kids, whether they were making the right decisions. I was, often, frustrated with them for not putting school first, for not always behaving themselves. All I really wanted was for them to succeed, to defeat the odds. To grow into being good people.To  behave themselves, and to treat each other and themselves kindly.

Today, I saw that all of those things have come true for them. No, they aren't perfect. Yes, they make mistakes. But all 46 of them were accepted to the college of their choice. You just don't see that happen anymore. I could sense how much they have grown, even just in the way they stood and carried themselves. They have really grown up, and grown into witty, polite, compassionate young people who will, no doubt, make a tremendous impact on this world.

The ceremony was wonderful. Hot, but wonderful. I cried a few times. Seeing Jasmine awarded the Fr. Foley award. Watching them get their diploma's. Talking to some of them outside and seeing their growth. But they were happy tears. Proud tears. I can't believe I was able to be a part of this tears.

Congratulations to Cristo Rey on having their first ever graduating class. and Congratulations to my babies. You did it. Now go, grow, learn, live, and love. Do not forget Cristo Rey.


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My student teaching kids graduated last week, and all through the ceremony, I kept thinking ... "weren't they just in sixth grade?" It's crazy how fast time goes, but we're so lucky to have the opportunity to see "our" kids grow into such amazing young adults. I'm glad you were able to be there for graduation. It's such a special, fills-you-up kind of pride to witness a moment like that. Congratulations to everyone! :)