Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

I've had this blog for a few years now. A few father's days have come and gone. So you've probably read about my dad.

So I won't need to tell you that he is one of my best friends. That he has taken in countless numbers of our friends and family members who didn't have a father figure growing up or who have recently lost them. That when you look at him you can see the compassion and gentleness in his eyes.That he taught me how to drive, how to swing a softball bat. That he -and mom- financially supported me until very recently, and still help with a bill here or there. You probably know that his motto is "bring each other up, don't tear each other down". That he's the one who does the gardening and cooking, because my mom is swamped with teaching and checking papers. That he listens and gives advice with ease. That I go to him with any question I have about money, houses, cars, jobs, friends. That he started watching American Idol to watch it with me, and now that I don't live here, he's "not into it as much". That he has driven two and a 1/2 hours to pick me up from college, only to drive two and a 1/2 hours right back. That he's fun to party with, he loves to laugh and make you laugh. That he finds something to connect to you with and uses that every time he sees you. That he puts his family first, always. That he probably would catch a grenade for any of us.

And if you didn't know that, then you just learned some of the amazing things I love about my dad. There are many, many more. I will say this. I am lucky. I know many people who have lost their dad's, or whose dad was never around. I often wonder how they get through days like today, when the rest of the world is celebrating their father's. To those people, I say this- celebrate your father figures. Celebrate your mom if she did it solo, your grandparents if they raised you- celebrate whoever has made you you. I also say this: you have your Father. He can bring you comfort and He loves you unconditionally.

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I love the part about him watching Idol so it could be something you did together. So sweet! :)