Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAD Award.

About a week ago, I nominated Laurence for the MAD award. The MAD (Making A Difference) award is something through Jordin Sparks Charities. The award is new this year and is given to three people: a person who makes a difference in their everyday life, a charity, and a celebrity. I love Jordin (and miss her), I love charities, I love Laurence, I love that he makes a difference. It made perfect sense to me to nominate him. This is what I wrote about him:

He has always been passionate about three things: soccer, music, and raising awareness on poverty. When he was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer at the age of 13, Laurence made it his mission to make every last second count. He was constantly writing letters on the dangers of poverty in Africa, as well as diseases such as malaria. Laurence created facebook groups and student organizations at his school for people to become involved. He has done a range of awareness activities, from food drives at his school to asking the Make A Wish foundation to donate the money he would have used for his wish to the ONE campagin instead. Laurence's original wish was to meet Bono from the band U2. When Bono found out about Laurence's selfless act, he insisted that he meet this young man. In Sepetmeber, Laurence was able to attend a U2 concert and meet the entire band. Bono was amazed. A few weeks later, when U2 did their first ever live broadcast, Bono mentioned Laurence in the middle of "With Or Without You". As Laurence became more and more ill, he has asked for more fundraisers for both the One Campaign and for Nothing But Nets. He set a goal to raise $20,000 for Nothing But Nets. As of January 2010, he has raised over $16,000. Laurence's days are numbered, and soon he won't be with us. However, he has been making a difference in this world since a very young age. He is an angel walking among us, and to say that he is making a difference is an understatement.

I also included some of the websites that talk about his mission.

Today, I was on facebook and saw this:

2010 Inaugural M.A.D Award recipient is Laurence Carolin!

Oh gosh. First I squealed. Then I slapped my hand over my mouth. He deserves this. I had to let Jodi (Jordin's mom) know that he passed away...this was the message I got back:

We are so sorry for your loss and had no idea. We will still honor him at the event with the award and will send to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We will be in touch with you.

I don't know what exactly he is getting, perhaps money toward his charity. I know that Jordin will speak about him at her super bowl event in a few weeks when she presents the awards. I know that her fans will hear his story and be inspired.

Other than that, not much is going on. It's exam week at the school which means 1/2 days...and also a lot of sitting around, waiting for the kids, etc. I'm getting so much support from my friends, it's amazing.

day 20 → a hobby of yours
Writing. Writing...and more writing. I'll post something I've been working on.

You can’t keep pushing away
trying to tear down walls
around someone else’s heart is
Not my role,
I’m supposed to be the mess around here
And you’re supposed to save me with your sweet song

Now you’re broken and I’m all you’ve got
If you’d only let me be your crutch
This time I could be the hero
I could be the one to save you

If only you would give me a chance
To be the one for you
Instead of another lonely girl
Desperate for a steady glance

I know I’m just me and could never be
Quite like the others
But I could make your heart whole again
Trust me, love me, let me be the one
To save you with this sweet song

Listening to: "SOS"- Jordin Sparks (how appropriate, ha).

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It's so beautiful that Laurence got the innagural award ... what a special testament to the difference he's made in the world. No one is more deserving!