Sunday, October 11, 2009

These Are My Colors For You

I've met a handful of "famous people". For the most part, they have been American Idol contestants. Throw Lisa Whelchel, Matthew West, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebullum, and Hanson into the mix, and you have it. 90% of the people I have met have been nothing but compassionate toward their fans. I hold a special place in my heart for those who use their fame for good, and many of these people do just that. Whether it's charity work, helping out a fan in need, doing something special for a fan, etc, many of them are out there doing more than making music/writing books. As a fan, I appreciate the time that they take to make people happy. Sometimes it makes me wonder what I would be like if I were famous...

First of all, if I were ever to be famous, I would want it to be for writing a book that helped people. Then I want to go around and speak about it. I know this sounds crazy for someone who is shy and despises talking in front of people, but I really feel like I need to share my story. I feel like there are probably so many young girls going through the same things that I have, and I want them to know that there is a way out. Does that make sense?

Now...if I were to ever reach that level, I would hope that I would be as sweet and cheerful to "fans" (that's just crazy to think about). I would want to spread the word about causes that I am passionate about, like child abuse and neglect and childhood cancer. I would also totally invite myself to be on Oprah. HA.

On the other hand, I think the rest of us sometimes forget that these people are real people too. They have emotions and feelings, they get tired and drained. To expect them to be perfect all the time is ridiculous, and there is so much pressure on celeberties. It's no wonder they have nervous breakdowns, people are constantly wanting to talk to them. It makes me worry about little ones like David Archuleta, who is so young. I know everywhere he goes from now on people will stop and ask for something, and that kind of breaks my heart- he can't live like a normal 18 year old. I know he asked for it and it's his life that he loves, but STILL. It has to be so hard sometimes.

So to every famous person I've met that has smiled and taken the time to chat, I thank you. To those who have gone an extra step and done something for me, for someone I know, or for charity work, I thank you.

I'm terrified of losing Laurence. The world needs him and his ideas. I need him for inspiration. He has planned his own funeral and told Bono when he met him that it would be soon. How sad is that? I'm going to be completly honest- I will need you guys. I know that may sound selfish, morbid, whatever. I will though, I'm just letting you know now.

Okay, I'm exhausted, I have to get ready for the week. I also need to spend some time thinking about everything I heard and learned this weekend. I love you all.

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ok... so A) i totally almost lost my coffee at the "i'd totally invite myself on Oprah" statement :-) B) i think in some ways we are the same person. C) I am always here for you lady! Any time you need something to someone to vent to i'm a phone call, text or IM away!!! Seriously. You rock! Again, i'm SO very proud of you! I hope I can cross that finish line w you in April :-) Love ya!