Saturday, October 24, 2009

Open House Party Surprises

From the day we've moved in we've had people asking us when we're having our open house party. It's a tradition for the Mercy Volunteers to host a party for their neighbors, the Sister's of Mercy, and people we work with. It's a way for everyone to meet us and for us to give back to all the support we've been given.

Sr. Mary Jo, who is our coordinator and takes care of us, came over early to help us set up. She's such a sweet lady, she truly supports everything we do and is always there for us when we need something. We're all very lucky to have her around.

Among our first guests were my parents. Sometimes I feel bad that I see them often, but at the same time it's so nice having them here with me on the journey, for them to be able to meet all the people in my life and to see what I'm doing. As always, everyone loved them. My parents are the kind of people who get along with just about anyone. My sister and her husband Dave also came, which was really awesome. I just love being able to connect these two worlds.

Several Sister's came, they are so laid back and gracious to us. Each of them had food in hand to share and greeted us with big hugs and questions about our job sites. Our tables were full of food and house full of people. At one point in the evening, the doorbell rang and when we opened it, Sr. Bette was standing there. Who's Sr. Bette? Well...remember back in August when I had orientation and several MVC staff members were there to teach us things and support us? Sr. Bette is one of those people. She is from Philly and plays a critical role in the MVC process. She's been there for us literally since the very start, even in the application process. We were all so ecstatic to see her, just thinking about it now makes me smile. She was so cute, making sure we're all happy, getting along, and content with our jobs. It really touches my heart that she cares that much about us to come all the way here and see how we're doing.

Another surprise? Two of my best friends- Sam and Lauren. I was mid conversation with Sr. Bette when I turned to see who was at the door- there were Sam and Lauren with a den sandwich and den pop in their hands (a Kalamazoo thing). I freaked out, I mean I ran and almost knocked over one of the babies (there were three adorable babies at our party) yelling "OH MY GOSH!". I saw Lauren briefly a few weeks ago, but I haven't seen Sam since labor day weekend. I can't tell you how happy I was to see them. They are such amazing friends and I have missed spending time with them. I didn't get to talk to them TOO much because our house was full of nuns (seriously) but still, my heart was so happy. I was glad they were able to meet some people and see our house. They are amazing. I love you both!!!

So tomorrow I'm meeting Kelly Clarkson! Oh my goodness... I can't believe it. I'm so beyond excited. I don't even really have words....that girl made me appreciate music, made me know that I'm not alone, mmade me start writing. I'm finally meeting her!

Speaking of people I love, Taylor Swift is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. Bring on the Kanye jokes. I love Taylor.

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I am SOOOOOO excited for you for tomorrow! It's going to be an experience you willl remember and cherish always, and I truly hope you have the most INCREDIBLE time. Kelly is just amazing, and I KNOW she's going to love you. Can't wait to hear all about it!! :)