Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'll take the chivas instead

VIP Preshow. Meet and Greet. 3rd row center.

All of these= the BEST Kelly show I've ever seen. Not just because I got to meet her, but also because she is maturing and so is her music. She puts on one heck of a show and is a ball of energy...but we'll come back to that.

So, I went to the show with some friends I know via Kelly stuff. I found out about my meet and greet a week ago, but didn't spend the money on a VIP. When I got to the venue, one of my friends said "Hey, Sarah is you want her VIP ticket?"

Are you kidding me? OF COURSE!

So, with VIP comes a preshow. About 15 of us sat in the basement of the Fox Theatre. I was in the front row and could touch the mic stand from where I was sitting. I was about to see Kelly inches in front of me, singing acoustic. We sat there forever, but finally Kelly came out. She was SO chatty with us and giggly. First she sang "White Horse" by Taylor Swift. My favorite Taylor song off "Fearless". Kelly freaking killed it. She sang it with so much soul and it was at that moment I realized how damn good she is. Then she sang an unreleased song called "Between the Lines" which is basically an angry song to her label. She talked to us about "My December" and how the fans always want to hear those songs, so she was planning on singing "Chivas" at the concert. Everyone screamed, her fans love "My December" because it's so real. Someone then gave her a bottle of Chivas, Kelly grabbed it out of her hands haha. It was an amazing experience, just having Kelly sit there singing.

Then they had all the people who had meet and greets follow this loooong hallway. We were at the end of the line and the girl in front of me told me to be calm and say as much as I think I can say. It moved quickly, VERY quickly. It got to me before I could even think about what was happening. I handed her manager all my stuff, and she reached out her arms for a hug "Hi I'm Kelly!" HA! I told her my name and she was like " were sitting on the floor at VIP right? otherwise you look creepily VERY familiar". I told her I was there by chance and then she said "HEY! We have like the same eyes!". We took a normal picture, and then I asked for a piggy back one. She said "Ya'll think I'm so light, but I'm I'll just pretend!". Before I walked away I told her "I just really want to thank you for My came out a time when I really needed to hear those messages in the songs, and because of that album I started writing poetry and lyrics Your music pulled me out of the hard stuff". She looked at me with this struck look and said "that is the best compliment I've ever gotten". She hugged me and told me to keep writing and to have fun at the show. I thanked her and was escorted back to the lobby. Poor security guard had to hear all about my love for Kelly.

By the time VIP and Meet and Greet were over, both opening acts were done and it was time for Kelly. I found my new seat (3rd row center) about 5 minutes before she came on stage. Suddenly the curtain dropped and there she was blasting out "All I Ever Wanted". The entire show was absolutley energy, she was SO chatty...she made eye contact with everyone. She sang her classics "Because of You", "Breakaway", "Behind These Hazel Eyes", "Since You've Been Gone", "Miss Independant", "Never Again" and "Walk Away". She sang new songs "All I Ever Wanted", "If I Can't Have You", "I Want You", "Ready", "I Do Not Hook Up", "Already Gone", and "My Life Would Suck Without You". She sang covers "Lie", "Use Somebody" "Walkin After Midnight" and "Seven Nation Army". As promised, she included "Chivas". I wish she would do more My December songs, but seeing her take three shots of Chivas on stage and then performing made up for it. She was so into it and into the crowd...

One of my favorite parts of the show was "Breakaway". She caught my eye during it and held contact, so she was singing "Take a chance, make a change, and breakaway" to me. AAh, such special meaning for me!

Seriously she was so close. Best concert ever. Now I have to be up in five sleepy time.


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megan. i always read ur blog and today i thought was appropriate to comment. this weekend i went and visited luke and we hung out with his friend, and it was the first time i heard an acoustic version of kelly singing since u been gone. and SHE ROCKED IT. her voice is beautiful and amazing, and so are you. i am so proud of everything you've done and come through/accomplished and i really just want you to know how proud i am. all the time i am proud. love you love you love you. i'll be in the detroit area soon i hope to see you asap.

Shari said... Add Reply

So I've been excited for this blog since the day you found out you were meeting Kelly! I am so, so, SO thrilled for you that it was such an amazing experience! There really are no words for how special it is to get to meet her and actually be able to thank her in person for changing your life, and I'm just so very happy for you that you were finally able to do that. I LOVE her comment about you being at the VIP preshow and especially the one about you giving her the best compliment ever. Is she not one of the most genuine and down to earth people ever?!?! And VIP too!! It sounds like your day was just perfect, and I couldn't be happier for you. CONGRATULATIONS on such an amazing experience <3