Wednesday, July 31, 2013

weight loss wednesday: week 5

I'm a tad frustrated. I haven't lost any more weight. I have a meeting with my trainer on Friday to make sure I'm doing my workouts correctly. In the meantime, here are some possible reasons as to why I'm not losing weight:

-I have extremely low vitamin d levels. It's hard to lose weight with low vitamin d. (Seriously, I'm not making that up. google it!). I was put on 2,000 iu a day a few weeks ago, but my internist has upped it to 4,000 just on Monday. I'm gonna be walking on sunshine ya'll!
-I'm building a ton of muscle. I'm trying to tone as well as lose weight. I'm up to pushing 70lbs on the sitting row machine and 60 on shoulder and chest press. My arms are getting really strong. My legs are getting stronger with the bike and walking/jogging I'm doing.
-I had to miss Zumba and that's a high calorie loss workout for me.
-I haven't been swimming, because of my eye situation, and that's where I burn a ton of calories also.

So, I think I just need to work with my trainer on doing higher burning workouts at the gym. I also need him to help me with the whole shin splint situation.

Workout Log
  • Thursday 7/25 Couch to 5k training in the morning, and a double header softball game in the afternoon. We only played 1/2 the second game though, so it's not like it was a super intense work out.
  • Friday 7/26. I'm the crazy fool who woke up early the day I was leaving for vacation to go work out. I did my circuit training and burned about 300 calories.
  • Saturday 7/27 Rode my bike 8 miles around Mackinac Island. We stopped a lot and weren't going fast, but still. A good workout!
  • Sunday 7/28 Off day, unless you count walking around Bronners Christmas Store.
  • Monday 7/29 My Birthday! I woke up early, attempted to do Couch to 5k but got severe shin splints so I stopped and did 3 miles on the bike, 15 minutes on the nustep, and weights.
  • Tuesday 7/30 I was really way too tired to work out Tuesday morning, so I went in the afternoon instead and once again attempted couch to 5k training, but once again my shin splints were very painful. So I did the bike again, and weights.
  • Wednesday 7/31 Still a little iffy about my eye. So I did 4 miles on the bike, 12 minutes on the nustep, and 10 minutes on the row machine which is freaking HARD. Also did a quick set of weights for my arms.
Other Random Things
  • Although the numbers on the scale don't reflect what I want to see, I feel so much better and stronger. Now I just want the pounds to shed off.
  • It's possible to make healthy choices when eating fast food. Fries sound good, but a small fry is 310 calories. Add a crispy chicken sandwich (my personal favorite) into the mix, and your meal is 850 calories and a ton of fat/salt! I went to Wendy's on Friday and I got a grilled chicken sandwich without the bun and a baked potato, plain with just salt and pepper on it. (and only a little salt). My meal was about 440 calories, half of what I would normally choose.
  • Subway has the healthiest "fast food" breakfast. Although I try to keep breakfast at work or bring it with me, sometimes I forget. So I did some random googling of nutrition menus to see what the healthiest breakfast was. Subway wins. I can get a 3" flatbread with egg white, pepper jack cheese, ham, and green pepper for just 106 calories. That's way less than anything on a McDonalds menu, or even Tim Horton's.  Plus Subway's website has a cool "calculate your own" tool so you can see if what you want to add makes a difference.
  • Be weary of salads! Not every salad is healthy! Get the dressing on the side and take out cheese.
  • Try to cook at home as often as possible, try new recipes. When you do cook, immediately put half in a Tupperware to bring to work for lunch. That way you won't overeat at dinner.
  • Go for a walk at work. Even if it's just around the building. I force myself to get up at least once a day and take a quick walk around the building. Except now I have to bring a coworker because there was a murder in the apartment complex next door.  Isn't life exciting?
  • Recruit your friends to work out or to make healthy eating choices. It's so much easier to do this when the people around you are being careful, too.
  • I know that not every gym is like this, but mine has trainers walking around the place at all times helping you with machines. Today I was having issues on the bike, I felt like I wasn't going fast enough. I got up and asked a trainer to come over and she told me my seat was too low. It was a quick fix, but it helped a ton. So don't be afraid to ask!


Dee @ A Deecoded Life said... Add Reply

Muscle is heavier than fat. That must be why you haven't lost weight this week. Just keep going!

Misha Gerrick said... Add Reply

I'm also trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I also want to lose wait, but I'm now willing to lose slower in order to have a sustainable diet.

It really annoys me to think how many times I lost the weight, only to have it come back because I couldn't keep eating the way the diet said I should.