Tuesday, July 31, 2012

megan's health 101

This is one of those blog posts I may regret writing. But rather than send out a mass e-mail, I figured, HEY, why not share my health status with the entire cyber world?

So, a few months ago, it was decided that I had to get a few things checked out.

1. Possible sleep apnea. My siblings and their significant others all got on me about this one. When I shared a room with each of them in Florida this April, they all told me that during the night I was not only snoring, but that I would stop breathing. Sara and Mo both said at one point they were scared to go back to sleep because of it, that I was gasping for air, without even realizing it.

2. Chronic fatigue. A few years ago my lab results from my physical came back that I had very low b12. I have been taking b12 vitamins ever since, every single day. Because my insurance was so jacked up with being out of a job, I haven't been back to the dr to get it checked. But I continued to take my b12. I didn't really see much results, I was still tired, all the time. And kids, when I say I'm tired all the time, I mean it is very hard for me to muster up the energy to do much of anything. It has gotten worse in the past few weeks, I have barely been making it through the day. And the last thing I need is for this to affect my work.

3. (Sorry to all the men out there). Extremely painful ten day menstrual cycles that would cause me to throw up, curl in a ball and cry. I've always had this problem, but the throwing up stopped for a few years. It came back this year, full force. A few months ago I also noticed my right ovary was in significant pain, causing me to keel over.

So, it was time to get these things checked out.

First was problem number three. I made a trip to everyone's favorite lady doctor where they discovered a mass on my right ovary. No need to alarm anyone here, with the help of medication it ended up going away two months later,when I had a follow up appointment. Doc believes it was a blood clot that dissolved with the medication.

Then I had a physical (just yesterday) at said physical I told my doctor all my issues and concerns- specifically the fatigue. She immediately agreed that it was most likely sleep apnea causing this and that I should get a sleep study. But then homegirl told me to open my mouth and say "aaah". And when I did that, I kid you not, she jumped back and said "OH. MY. GOD". She says my tonsils are so huge that she does not even understand how I have room to breathe back there, which is what is causing the sleep apnea. So she decided that we'd skip the sleep study and go straight to the ear nose and throat doctor to get an assessment on taking those puppies out. (And yes, I am fully aware that a tonsillectomy is very painful as an adult, thank you!)

I also had blood work done at my physical. Doc called me today to give me some of the lab results- both my vitamin D and B12 are very, very low. She pretty much ordered me to go straight to the store to pick up vitamins- and uped my dosage of b12. She also instructed that I come in for weekly b12 injections. Which should be interesting with my work schedule, but hey, we will figure it out. And the injections should give me more energy so that I don't feel like sleeping under my desk all the time.

So those are some things you may not know about me. What most of you do know about me are two things: 1. I struggle with weight and 2. I struggle with anxiety. Well guess what? When you're tired all the time, and never getting a full nights rest because you are not breathing, then you are going to be less motivated to get out and move, you're also going to be more likely to crave carbs and sweets. AND, fatigue causes anxiety. Boom. My problems could very well be solved by ripping out my tonsils and getting injected with b12.

So, that's where I stand. I have my ear nose and throat appointment on August 7th and a dermatologist appointment on August 20th because my doctor also wanted me to get my moles checked. All these doctor appointments are annoying, and can cause a bit of stress and anxiety, but in the end I am glad. I'd much rather know what is going on in my body than have no idea and keep running it down. That's part of the reason I'm writing this blog- I hope some of you will take my lead and go get yourselves checked out. I've learned this year more than ever that we have to take care of ourselves. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices, and they will be worth it if it means getting you healthier.

Thanks for reading. I suppose I'll keep you all updated as my own personal Grey's Anatomy unfolds. Also, thank you Jesus for keeping me somewhat healthy. I am luckier than many others who are hit with cancer or other diseases. For that I am grateful.


desi said... Add Reply

Again, our lives are similar. Get those puppies out, girl! Get better!

furmurr said... Add Reply

Yes it is going to all work out for the best. You have been so tired for so long. If you get less fatigued, you will have more energy and a better metabolism. This is going to work out great. I will be your nurse!

Anonymous said... Add Reply

ok, there's no tears in tonsils!

Shari said... Add Reply

Sending you so many well wishes. I hope you'll feel much better very, very soon!

Caroline said... Add Reply

Good for you for gaining some insight on your health - that's a HUGE step. You're going to get it all worked out. Consider it a great investment in yourself! Chin up! :)