Monday, August 6, 2012

nugget of hope :)

There are times when life seems to be falling apart. When day after day you are hit with another tragedy, mishap, another bump in the road. There are times when despite all of this, you are still happy. This is one of those times for me.

I am terribly sad and heartbroken over recent events in my community, as well as by the Colorado and Wisconsin shootings. I am also overwhelmed by all the health "stuff" and financial strains. But there is something that keeps me going, something that gives me strength.

That something is actually a someone- my soon to be little niece or nephew. We celebrated my sister's baby shower yesterday, and for the first time it hit me- I am really going to be an aunt. 13 weeks from now I will be holding my little buddy. I can't wait, I want it to be November right this second so we can welcome him/her into this world. It's a scary world, it's not always a safe world, but it's still a beautiful world; so much to discover. I hope that my pal will like me, I hope that he/she can always hold onto hope and always find a way to laugh.

I realize this is overly cheesy, a little too warm and fuzzy. I just can't believe I get to be an aunt. Aunt Meg. All my life I've been the baby, the youngin, and I've had to seek out little ones to "watch over" and "take care of". This has usually taken the form of one of the teens I have worked with in different settings. Now I will have my very own little niece or nephew that I can smother with love.

Short post tonight, but I simply cannot contain my excitement for the little nugget.
I also have a favor for you all. I know this blog averages between 50-100 views per entry. So I would like every single person who reads this blog to then post a comment that tells me something you have been terrified to do, but you did anyways. Thank you.


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Aww, I'm so glad your little ray of sunshine has brought you such happiness. He or she is going to be so loved ... and so very lucky to have you as Aunt Meg. I can't even imagine how special a bond that must be. I love my honorary nieces so much, but to have the baby be part of your family is deeply special :)

As for something I was terrified to do -- I was definitely nervous, intimidated, and even terrified to query literary and send my book-babies out into the world. It has been the biggest emotional roller-coaster ever, but it's also been the best experience of my life.

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Aunt Meggers,

Can't wait to meet you, we will have a lot of fun together!

Baby McDavid

I fear trying new food, I have gotten better but still set in my ways.

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thanks for sharing.

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My first response was that I have never been terrified to do something because I tend to be quite adventurous and fearless. Upon reflection, however, I must admit that falling in love, well not the falling part, but the telling that person that I love him was terrifying. Although I hedged my bets by waiting for him to say it first. I've told him things about myself that no one else knows, though, and that was terrifying and liberating at the same time. Ok, yes, that must count, right?