Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear laurence

Dear Laurence,
Two years ago, God brought you Home. You lived your short, 15 years on this earth and taught those who knew who how to live, how to love, how to fight. But then God needed you up in Heaven to be his special angel, to watch over us and give us clues and hints on how to live. You've been watching over us and I've felt your presence with me nearly every day.

Laurence, today more than ever I need you, I need your grace and wisdom. I am helping lead a retreat for a group of kids your age. Kids who are dealing with typical teenage stuff, and now trying to wrap their heads around a tragedy that has hit all of us very hard. I need your help. Help me to bring them guidance, and strength. Help me to know what they need and to give it to them. Help us to break down walls and boundaries and treat each other as equals.

I hope you've met Susan. I hope you found her and gave her a big hug and are holding her hand as she watches over her kids. Send us the strength we need as we grieve her loss. Send us knowledge and wisdom on how to move forward.

I miss you Laurence. I miss you every single day. I have never forgotten the things you did in your short 15 years here on earth, I have never forgotten your words or actions. Thank you for staying with me and guiding me. Your story will be told, I will finish the book and share with the world the goodness that you shared with me, with so many of us.

I'm going to Ft. Walton in April, buddy. Your daddy and little brother are coming with us. I can't wait to walk along the beach. Remember when we drove down together? And you kept asking "how many more minutes?". I'll never forget that, it's one of my fondest memories. Ft Watlon reminds me of you, more than any other place. I can't wait to talk to Joey about it, tell him about our car ride and how you insisted on drinking bug juice the whole way down. I'm going to drink it in your honor :) I'll eat an oyster for ya, too.

Your friends have kept on living your mission. Sam, Ali, all of them. They started a ONE club at school. They continue to make a difference, all because of what you taught them. Sam's off to college next year. I pray that she will find exactly who she's supposed to be. I know she will, because she has a very special angel by her side who will guide her.

We're going to celebrate Airplane Day this year in Ann Arbor. I can't wait to see your mom, your friends, and all the people who love you so dearly and to celebrate your life.

Laurence there are so many things about this world I don't understand. But I have to believe there is a reason for everything, I have to rely on my faith to get me through.

I love you, Laurence, so much, and carry you with me every day. Please help me this weekend as I grieve and as I help others to make it through. Please sit with Susan. If you can, take her smile and send it down to her beautiful children. Bring them comfort.

Miss you. See you one day.



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This should be a part of your book, because it's incredibly beautiful, and poignant, and it shows what an influential person he is to this day.

sam said... Add Reply

This is really nice Megan. Ali and I miss him all the time and keep him in our thoughts as we hold ONE club meetings and teach our kids about extreme poverty around the world. I hope you are doing well, and that today can be a day of mourning but also happiness in knowing that we all had the chance of knowing such a fantastic young man. See you on Airplane Day! -Sam Griffith