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My Personal 2012 Pop Culture Picks

I love reflecting on the year, both personally and pop culture wise. Listed here are some of my favorite movies, albums, and songs from the year.

Top 10 Movies.

10. Brave
There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.

9. People Like Us
Most doors in the world are closed, so if you find one that you want to get into, you damn well better have an interesting knock

8. Breaking Dawn 2
You nicknamed my baby after the Loch Ness Monster?

7. The Dark Knight Rises
 A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulder to let him know that the world hadn't ended.

6. The Vow
The moment of impact. The moment of impact proves potential for change. Has ripples effects far beyond what we can predict. Sending some particles crashing together. Making them closer than before. While sending others spinning off into great ventures. Landing them where you've never thought you've found them. That's the thing about moments like these. You can't, no matter how hard you try, controlling how it's gonna affect you. You just gotta let the colliding part goes where they may. And wait. For the next collision.

5. Sparkle
All I think about is music.

4. Pitch Perfect
Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what counts.

3. Hunger Games
May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. Perks of Being A Wallflower
So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I'm still trying to figure out how could that be.

1. Silver Linings Playbook
You gotta pay attention to signs. When life reaches out with a moment like this it's a sin if you don't reach back...

Top 15 Albums of 2012...and my three favorite songs from each.

Maroon 5- Overexposed

  • Tickets "you're perfect on the outside, but nothing at the core"
  • Sad "I'm scared to death that there may not be another one like this. And I confess, that I'm only holding on by a thin thin thread"
  • Daylight "Here I am staring at your perfection in my arms; so beautiful"
Zac Brown Band- Uncaged
  • Goodbye in Her Eyes "the life she wanted, it was gone. Prince Charming I wasn't"
  • Uncaged "every day find a way to face my fears"
  • Natural Disaster "and the rebel in her soul brought her to me"
Pitch Perfect Soundtrack.
Won't do the lyrics because they are all covers :)
  • Cups
  • Bellas Finals
  • Riff Off
Fun., Some Nights
  • Some Nights "what do I stand for? Most nights I don't know anymore"
  • Carry On "may your past be the sound of your feet on the ground. Carry on"
  • Why Am I The One "for once for once I feel like I'm right where I belong"
Mumford and Sons, Babel
  • Babel "press my nose up to the glass around your heart, I should've known I was weaker from the start"
  • I Will Wait  "raise my hands, paint my spirit gold"
  • Hopeless Wanderer "Hold me fast 'cause I'm a hopeless wanderer. I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under"
Alex Clare, Too Close
  • Too Close "at the end of it all, you're still my best friend"
  • Damn Your Eyes "damn your eyes for taking my breath away, for making me want to stay. damn your eyes for getting my hopes up high"
  • Tightrope "the only thing I'm sure of is to have no fear at all. Just go, keep on going on."

Ed Sheeran, +
  • Wake Me Up  "and you will never know just how beautiful you are to me." 
  • Sunburn "She was mine, I was hers...And all that's in between. If she would cry, I would shelter her, And keep her from the darkness"
  • Lego House "I'm gonna pick up the pieces, and build a lego house, when things go wrong we can knock it down"
P!nk, The Truth About Love
  • Try "funny how the heart can be deceiving  more than just a couple times. Why do we fall in love so easy?  Even when it's not right."
  • Chaos and Piss "I also feel things more than I should. I don't relax very often, as often as I could. I worry how the whole thing looks, it doesn't look good."
  • The Great Escape "Terrified of the dark, but not if you go with me. And I don't need a pill to make me numb. And I wrote the book already, but that chapter of my life will soon be done. I'm the king of the great escape. You're not gonna watch me checking out of this place. You're not gonna lose me, cuz the passion and the pain are gonna keep us alive someday".
Haley Reinhart, Listen Up!
  • Undone "I don't want you back, I just want to have what you took from me".
  • Hit The Ground Running "You better watch your mouth boy, cuz I don't miss a beat"
  • Keep Coming Back "don't you have a home to go to? don't you have another soul to hold you? am I the only one who really knows you?"
JillandKate, Heart of Stone
  • Burn It Down "caught that liar right in his tracks, and I said some things I can never take back. Wouldn't if I could".
  • I Come Alive "I come alive when you look at me that way"
  • Breakdown "If we don't get this figured out, it's sure to break us down and we won't ever find a way back home"
Bruno Mars- Unorthodox Jukebox
  • If I Knew "I know it breaks your heart to picture the only one you want to love in someone else's arms, but I wouldn't have done all the things that I had done if I knew one day you'd come" 
  • Natalie "you'll be begging me please please please, while I sit there and laugh laugh laugh, and you'll be cryin for me cryin for me cryin for me"
  • Gorilla "oh look what you've done, but in this jungle you can't run"

Casey Abrams, Casey Abrams
  • Wore Out My Soul "As time keeps moving on, your shine is clearly gone"
  • Ghosts "Found out that love is too precious to waste, but I'll waste it all on you"
  • Midnight Girl "And I wanna tell your right now, you're the kind of girl Ray was singing about"
Jason Mraz, Love Is A Four Letter Word
  • I Won't Give Up "We got a lot to learn, but God knows we're worth it. I won't give up."
  • 93 Million Miles "sometimes it may seem dark, but the absence of light is a necessary part. just know you're not alone, you can always come back home"
  • Hidden Track "I hope you notice that I am still in love with you. Yes I, I'm coming over tonight. I hope you notice I was never over you."
The Spill Canvas, From San Francisco
  • Whiskey Dream Kathleen "To my babygirl in the picture, could you pass along that I miss her? I know you're still in there somewhere".
  • The Meds "don't get me wrong I think about you all the time, that doesn't mean I enjoy you spoiling my mind"
  • To Chicago "At one point I thought maybe I should warn her. But such information is reserved for our dark corners".
Taylor Swift, Red
  • I Knew You Were Trouble "And the saddest fear comes creeping in...that you never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything."
  • I Almost Do "I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can't say hello to you and risk another goodbye"
  • All Too Well "And you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest. I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here, cuz I remember it all too well"

15 Songs Not Previously Listed That I Really Freaking Liked This Year. No judging allowed.
15. Nicki Minaj- Pound The Alarm
14. Ellie Goulding- Lights
13. Justin Bieber- Boyfriend
12. Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe
11. Taylor Swift- Eyes Open
10. Phillip Philips- Home
9. Adele- Skyfall
8. Kelly Clarkson-Dark Side
7. Kelly Clarkson- Stronger
6. The Lumineers- Ho Hey
5. Carrie Underwood- Blown Away
4. David Guetta feat Sia- Titanium
3. Of Monsters and Men- Little Talks
2. Gotye- Somebody That I Used To Know
1. Kelly Clarkson- Catch My Breath

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