Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love actually is all around us

Today I had someone tell me that I looked like I was in a bad mood. She then proceeded to list off all the blessings in my life, as if to lecture me or try to prove that my life isn't so bad. I had to cut her off.

I apologize if it appeared I was in a bad mood, but here's the thing- I wasn't. I was actually kind of giggly and happy today. And I am well, well aware of the blessings in my life, thank you very much.

It's Valentine's Day and while I am from the school of "show your love every day, not just a holiday", I actually do like this holiday. I like that there are some creative ways for us to express our love. But as I said, we don't need a date to remind us. We need to speak our love, loudly, every single day. Through our words and our actions we need to love ourselves, the people around us, and strangers. We just have to.

I have a lot of friends who are single and "down" today. Nothing breaks my heart more than people who think they are unworthy or unwanted just because they are single. Because that is so far from the truth. Take a second to really think about this. You were created, put on this earth, for a very specific reason. What is more lovely than that? It's your job to do the best with the life you have been given. And being single is not the worst thing to happen to you, it's not something that should knock you down or force you to stop loving yourself and shutting out other people. Now, being single is actually kind of a blessing. Sure we all long for someone to hold, to share our secrets, to call our boyfriend/girlfriend. But when you're single, you can devote that time to yourself, to listening to others, to learning from your mistakes and to find out what it is you want.

So to anyone feeling unloved today- you are not unlovable. The guy/gal of your dreams hasn't found you yet. They will. Love does not discriminate. Love comes in many ways. You will find someone who will love you the way you are and want to spend every moment with you. I promise.

I have a big heart, and it's sending love to each and every single person who I have ever known. May your days be filled with peace, humor, love, and blessings. May you find the person you are supposed to be and may you learn to love yourself, love others, and love life.


Shari said... Add Reply


<3 you and so grateful to have you as a friend!

furmurr said... Add Reply

You said it beautifully !

Anonymous said... Add Reply

wow.. nice!

Karen Datangel said... Add Reply

So very true. <333

Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

A round of applause for this post!

Haddock said... Add Reply

Reminds me of the boy in Paris who was moving around with the placard "free hugs" and there were hardly any takers....