Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 moments and tweets

It's that time of year, time to reflect on the blessings/highlights of 2010-2011.

**Cricket, Cricket**

Okay okay, there were some great moments. Usually this blog entry takes two entries because it is so full. Not so much this year, but that's okay. Because I am very proud of where I am right now.

So here, my friends, are some of my favorite moments of the no particular order.

Getting Close to my mom's class. Last year, I was working part time and picking up odd babysitting jobs while searching for a full time position. I worked afternoons-evenings, so most of my days were free. And I spent a lot of them in my mom's classroom, helping with different projects. Those kids were probably the most obnxious class she's ever had, but I adored them...probably because they gave me a distraction. They gave me something to laugh about. And yes, they were little boogers, but they prayed for me to find a job, daily. They asked everytime I came in if I had found a job yet. I enjoyed them a lot. And now, I've been able to get to know the 11-12 class as well. Now they are cutie pies, and all so sweet and loving little creatures.

Writing. I feel like I wrote more in 2011 than I ever have in my life. I wrote more poetry, song lyrics...I did a huge blog challenge in April that forced me to really pull and reflect. I read a lot more, took more trips to the library. I wrote letters to people during Lent. Oh, yeah, and there's that book I'm writing about Laurence's life.

1/2 marathon I have no words for that experience (that's a lie because I wrote a really long entry about it after). But now, months later, I can't tell you how that felt. I've kind of lost that moment. Which I hate. The medal on my door is just a little reminder. I thought that looking at it every day would keep me motiviated, it hasn't. Maybe it will now. Maybe I can focus on that. Let's try. That weekend was special. It was the only time during that whole "finding a job" situation where I was able to really get away. I accomplished a huge feat. I got over a fear. I became stronger.

Babysitting. I had four semi regular babysitting gigs in the beginning of 2011. Overnight sitting for Claire and John when their mom had to take trips. I learned a heck of a lot about myself and patience during those trips. Those two are great, great kids. Then there were the Jarrell's who I spent my mornings with to get them off to school. I so enjoyed talking with them before they filed onto the school bus. Talk about maturity and grace and strength, those kids had it. Then there was the little baby boy who I "babysat" (and still do) most Saturday evenings. He's always in bed when I get there-always. So I just sit on the couch. He gives me a much needed break from life. I just sit there, watch a movie or read, with absolutley no interruptions. And then, of course, there are the always adorable Owie and Anna. Anna was 5, Owen 3. I loved spending my spring days with them! We played barbies, watched Dora, made mac and cheese, colored, drove to various activities. We had a blast, the three of us.

cleveland weekend
indy birthday weekend. I had so much fun in Indy with my brother and sister in law. It was very chill, but necessary,and,as always, a great gift to be able to spend time with them.

dave/katies wedding. Aah! That weekend was so perfect. I mean everything about it. I got to spend time with the greatest dude in the world, Dean Machine. I was reunited with my dear hearts Meghan and Jason. And, of course, the main event, I was honored to be a part of a ceremony that united two of my best friends, Dave and Katie. I had seen them go from strangers to friends to lovers, so to watch them celebrate that and the genuine love they have for each other was a true honor and blessing. <3

anne/jesses wedding. Such a fun night with old friends. One of the best weddings I have ever attended. I loved how much of Anne and Jesse I saw in the ceremony and reception. I loved how perfect their story is. And I loved feeling like I was in high school all over again.

tutoring at cristo rey: I was lucky that Cristo Rey allowed me to come back and tutor for a few weeks while I was on the job hunt. It was only for a very short time but it allowed me to reconnect with some of the kids and, in a way, bring closure to my whole year with MVC. I saw that they were being taken care of and that I could move on.

bhgh\quitting bhgh. Big Brother Boys Club Little Sisters Girls Hope was quite an...exeprience. It was the worst job I've ever had. Not because of the kids, but administration was so awful that it LITERALLY made me physically sick. But, I am grateful that I met Alethea. Even though we only keep in touch via text once in a while, she is one of the greatest people I know and I was dang proud to call her a co worker and friend. She has a heart unlike anyone I've known. It's a shame they couldn't see that. I'm also grateful for the kids. I don't (and can't) talk to them anymore, but I think of them every single day. I wonder how they are doing and pray that they are happy and healthy. I'm also thankful to myself for learning that sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I didn't want to quit a job, I'm not a quitter. But I HAD to. There was no fixing that place. So yes, I am grateful that when I had a 104 degree fever and they told me I had to come into work, that I said "no.".
lupus walk

idol concert. Is it weird that I can't really remember details of the Idol concert? Maybe I had heat stroke. I just remember we had a good time, and our seats were very close to the stage. I remember bits and pieces from being outside like seeing Stefano and Haley in a taxi but everything else is kind of a blur. But, I do remember saying that it was one of the best Idol concerts I had been too- so I must have had a good time :-D

tigers game. I am forever thankful to the Tigers game for bringing me closer to Maggie and Tierra. I remember thinking on the drive down that it was going to be a disasted...and it kind of were the events that followed the following week (company lay offs). But we still managed to have a good time, and came out of it becoming accomplices, and now friends.

cleveland weekend. OMG. Best weekend ever. Sometimes I cannot believe our luck that weekend. I got to see my number one Idol and inspiration, Melinda, sharing a stage with legends. I got to spend time with two amazing backups. I got to hug my Mama Melinda for the first time in years. Then I got to spend time with three my lovely fwands, Desi, Sam, and Brenna. I got to see Gavin live and fall in love with his music again. I saw Cook perform songs from an outstanding album. And I got to thank them for all they did for me.

getting the job. This job has been tough. It's been a learning experience, it's been a test of patience. It's been a whole new set of challenges, every single day. And it exhausts me. BUT, I have never been so proud of myself in a job. I feel like I am creating something, making it my own. It's a fight, and I work hard. But I get a lot back. I get to see smiles on the faces of volunteers when they feel they made a difference. I get staff who are supportive of the program and me and who encourage me to keep on going. I have made some new, wonderful friends...but most of all, I have just seen the beauty of human interaction, the impact we can make on each other when we put everything aside and just listen.

favorite tweets of the year

JordinSparks:Watching the Discovery channel right now & I had no idea jellyfish were so gangster.

lizZmilK: @Zammie255 oh fuxk I forgot where I lived lol

elliotyamin: Haha!.well nobody wanna hear bout how dirty yo swift is!RT@thedirtyswift: @elliottyamin hey man nobody wants to hear about your "instrument"

Kanye West: I could never do stand up cause I tell jokes better when I'm sitting

DavidArchie: Nothing like getting creamed in basketball by your mom lol.

mdoolittle: Changed my hair a it, but just walked by the mirror in my hotel & screamed cuz I thought someone else was in my room. #embarrased

kelly_clarkson: Recently found out that Easter falls on my birthday this year .....Jesus is totally stealing my thunder!

lizZmilK: I am a machine that turns alcohol into dancing.

Georgehuff4real: SANG CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!

BrunoMars:I shall pelvic thrust extremely hard in honor of all my critics in the audience tonight.. I hope they're on birth control.

DavidArchie: Can't wait for Cars 2. Pixar never lets me down.

GTLauren:I owe my ability to meeting people I've seen in concert to @Zammie255 and @mcaro05

ramielemalubay It's definitely too hot for pants

CaseyAbrams: A Very cool person Named Megan gave me an Esperanza Spalding Vinal. Chamber Music Society, AMAZING! Thanks Megan, means a lot :)

mdoolittle: Really excited! Finished all my "hoework"...think I'll take a quick nap. :-)

mandisaofficial What? NBC has a show called "American Ninja Warriors" & I've nvr heard of it? How is that possible? I LOVE American Ninja Warriors! #sarcasm

jambajim: To the Taylor Swift fans who just saw a half-naked @jambajim changing in my hotel room, I THOUGHT THE BLINDS WERE CLOSED DON'T CALL THE COPS

kelly_clarkson: Found the puppy poo!! Thank you God!

Toddyrockstar Just realized that I don't have a favorite color :( Guess I better start making some serious decisions

aaronspears Am I the only person who tweets sometimes while dropping chalupas??? I'm curious... #ipromiseimnotdoingitnow #toilettweeting

SaraBareilles I haven't said much today. Although I did eat a yogurt. And some string cheese. So me and dairy are talking.

Zammie255:@mcaro05 listening to whatta man by salt n pepa and it reminds me of you for some reason....... I have no idea why.

zammie255 @lizZmilK I'm singing Adele and sleeping

BrunoMars Theres an owl outside that wont shut up!! Let me sleep you spooky fuckin owl!!!!

CaseyAbrams does any one wanna come and scratch my scalp?

mdoolittle That dang T-Mobile commercial! For some reason, I KNOW they're saying walking in a 4G wonderland, but I never hear the "f" in four!

jessyjams adam levine is about to line these broads up for a different play date for each day of the week

TheFray Overheard backstage tonight: "there's only one wine opener here. And Kelly Clarkson has it." -is


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I have made some new, wonderful friends...but most of all, I have just seen the beauty of human interaction, the impact we can make on each other when we put everything aside and just listen. - Love this. <3

I like how you included your favourite tweets from 2011. "Pixar never lets me down" is so accurate.

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Not so much this year? ???????
If his is a slow year for you, I can't imagine a "full" one!
You have so much to be proud of, Megan! Those of us who know and love you are certainly proud of all your accomplishments.

And about your favorite tweets . . . AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! . . That is all.