Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weight Loss Wednesday: Confidence Bucket List

I've had some ups and downs the last few weeks. Last week I saw an unexpected "gain" on the scale. This week, I'm back down. But with a crazy work week this week, and an upcoming girls weekend up north, I won't be surprised if I go back up again. But for now, in this moment, this is where I stand: I am down a total of 124 lbs. I am just 7 lbs away from my ideal weight. These are some crazy numbers. I can't believe how close I am. Ever since I started this journey, I had a number in mind of where I wanted to be. It's nearly impossible to wrap my head around the fact that I'm almost there.

So today, I thought I would share my confidence bucket list- or dthings I hope I one day have the confidence to do. Spoiler alert: I'm getting close to feeling confident enough to do some of these. I'm not giving myself a deadline to accomplish these "Confidence Goals", there are merely things I have in mind that I want to do.
  • Wear jean shorts in public. 
  • Eat something that's not on my "diet" or health plan, and eat it without having a panic attack or getting angry at myself.
  • Go in the pool in my apartment complex, even if people are watching. 
  • Go to a rock climbing gym...and actually climb
  • Write a book
  • Share an idea in meetings, rather than wait until they are over and e-mail someone about it
  • Wear a low back dress
  • Do kareoke 
  • Do a photo shoot
  • Share my weight loss story in a public forum... I've obviously been pretty open about my journey, but I would love to speak about it in front of groups!

What is on your confidence bucket list? And, as always, thanks for the support on my journey. 

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