Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,
Hi baby! Happy July, little guy. It's been pretty hot outside, but you LOVE to play outside, so I don't think that bothers you too much!

You have been coming to our softball games and I love to see you there. You are always all smiles, playing with your friend Will and cheering us on. After the games you and I have been running the bases together. At our last game, you liked it so much, we did it THREE times. You are such an active little boy.

Tom and I were out shopping on Saturday and we found you some Elmo slippers. You LOVED them. Your mommy said you didn't want to take them off! I am so glad you like them. Tom was so happy to buy them for you. We all know how much you love Elmo!  I think your mommy was just as excited about the slippers as you were!

Grandma Carolin set up my old dollhouse for you to play with. It's a complete set, it even has a barn for animals. You loved playing with it! I am happy to pass it along to you.

You have had a good summer so far. Swimming lessons, play dates, softball games, and parties. Soon you will be going Up North for a really fun weekend. You're a lucky boy, Ryan. You are having so much fun. And you are so very loved by all of us.

You continue to call me "baba", and you are such a little lovebug. You give everyone hugs and kisses goodbye and goodnight. You are learning new words and phrases. Your mom has taught you to say "IU!" for Indiana University. Shes' hoping you will cheer for them, but your daddy wants you to cheer for Michigan State. One of these days, we will find out which one you favor :)

I will get to see you in a few days. Mom and Dad are going to the Tigers Game, so I get to hang out with you! I am very excited. I love any moment that I get to spend with you. I am sure we will "cheers" our cups, scrunch our faces, go for a walk, eat ice cream, and read some books.

I love you so much, Ryan!

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