Monday, April 7, 2014


Glee is one of the very few shows in which I have seen every single episode.  I don't really get into TV shows. I don't watch Walking Dead or Breaking Bad. I never watched Friends. I don't HAVE to be home to watch a show, unless it's Glee or Idol.

Glee captured my heart from the Pilot episode. I adored the music, the characters, and the story. It is one of the most frustrating shows on television, with its plot inconsistencies and random introduction and disappearance of characters. But it's still SO GOOD. Well, okay, this season has sucked, but I think all of us can agree that is largely in part due to our loss of Cory Montieth. The show is simply not the same without him.

Here are my 10 Favorite things about Glee. Some are performances, others story lines, others characters.

10. Sue and her sister/Sue and Becky. I love Sue's sarcastic moments, too, but her sweet, lovely moments with her sister and with Becky tug at the heartstrings.

I couldn't find any videos for these two relationships, which is a bit surprising!

9. Mash ups. I LOVE whenever Glee does a good mash up! They have done plenty, but this one is probably my favorite

8. Finn and Rachel. They aren't my favorite couple, but even I have to admit there was something special there. Rachel's ridiculous crush on Finn turned into a relationship, that had plenty of ups and downs along the way. The two were together in real life, making Cory's death all that more difficult for the Glee cast.

7. Brittany/Santana. The relationship between these two ladies was confusing and a little heart wrenching. You had Santana, the crazy mean girl, and Brittany, the not-so-smart dancer. They had a deep friendship that developed into something more. When they first got together, neither one really knew what they wanted. But as their relationship developed, their love deepened. One of my favorite Glee moments is when they sing "Songbird". Santana's face says it all.

6. The school shooting episode. This episode aired with the "new kids", along with a few of the regulars. It was at a point where I was ready to give up on Glee. I wasn't feeling the new cast members and I was bored with the story lines. But then they go and do this, one of the most brilliant episodes of TV I have seen. The actors did a fantastic job. Kudos to them for making my heart beat faster than it ever has before.

5. Kurt and his dad. The relationship between Kurt and Burt Hummel was one of the deepest and most intriguing relationships on the show. Burt was challenged with accepting his son's homosexuality, and Kurt was dealing with coming out, bullying, boyfriends, etc. The two of them always share the best scenes together.

4. Samcedes. I love Finchel and Klaine as much as the next person, but Samcedes is, hands down, my favorite couple. Sam was linked with lots of gals on Glee, but his relationship with Mercedes was truly special. It was a unique pairing, but it worked. Mercedes' confidence matched with Sam's humor and heart made me love them together. It looks like Glee is hinting they may get back together in these next few episodes, and that make me my heart pretty darn happy.

3. Idina Menzel/Rachel's Mom. How perfect was Idina on Glee? So, so perfect. First of all, the resemblance between Lea Michelle and Idina is almost scary. Secondly, Idina's Broadway voice and booming personality made her a perfect fit on the show. Her character disappeared after a while, but it was fun while it lasted.

2.  The love that Mr. Schu has for his students. Mr. Schu's love and concern for his students is truly admirable. He sees this kids as his own. They frustrate him and annoy him but at the end of the day, all he wants to do is make them happy and protect them.

1. The overall friendship, support, and love that comes from that Glee room. These kids really are a family. They love each other, they fight, they make up, they support, they compete. They are a special group of people who stand together and stand strong. All while spreading joy with their music :)

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