Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Ryan

Dear Ryan,
Hi baby. I'm so sorry this letter is a few days late. Things have been a bit crazy for your Auntie Meggers.

I got a new job last week. I'm going to be working for a place that helps raise money to research cancer. The research will help people like Grandpa Carolin. It's very exciting! I am scared though, Ryan. Aunt Meggers is always scared of change and this job is a big one with a lot of responsibility. I am confident, but scared.

You and I both have a cough right now that we can't seem to shake. I think I got your germs when I was helping Grandma watch you a few weeks ago. It was one of the best days I've had with you, though, so I can't complain too much. Watching you giggle and run into my arms made it all worth it. I sat at your house the other night while you were sleeping, and could hear you coughing through the monitor. I've still got the cough too. Not very fun. Hopefully we both start to feel healthy again soon.

I also got to see you last night. It was your mommy's birthday and some of us went over there to watch the Superbowl. You looked so handsome with your new haircut. It was your first haircut ever. I had to get my first haircut at 6 weeks old. Crazy, right? Have your mom show you a picture. I had lots and lots of hair.

You are getting so smart. Mommy is teaching you little sign language tricks, you can point out your nose, and you are starting to memorize the routine in your house. You know where Clancy's food is and you know to hug him goodnight before you go to sleep. You know where the snacks are and you are able to point out which one you want. Even at Grandma's house, when I told you it was lunch time you walked right over to your chair. You don't eat at Grandma's very often so we were impressed! You've been getting good comments from school, too- your teachers say you are smart and keep up with the big kids. You're not just walking now- you're running!

By the time I write your next letter, I will have started my new job. I can't wait to tell you about it. In the meantime, let's both try to get better and lose this cough so we can sleep peacefully!

Love you!


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