Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear Laurence...

Dear Laurence,

Does God separate his angels into teams?

I know that's a pretty bold question to start off with tonight, but it's the first thing I thought of. Like, are there angels who watch over the poor, angels who care for the sick, angels who lead those who are lost? And do these teams have captains? I'm willing to bet that if this is the case, you are the captain of  some kind of team. Maybe other teen angels who spent their time on earth helping others. Maybe you all found each other up there in Heaven and you're working together now, trying to help the rest of us. I bet you'd be a great captain, just like you were for your soccer team.

I have a very selfish favor to ask of you, though. Can you put your angel duties aside tomorrow and focus on my dad? He will receive some news back on his tests regarding the tumor in his lung, and I am hoping and praying that it is good news. If Heaven works the way I think it does, you probably already know the results, and maybe you are working on how to be supportive of each of us tomorrow as we wait. All I need is peace and understanding. I have confidence that my dad is going to be okay, but I may need some help putting that confidence into practice tomorrow while I wait for my parents to tell me the news.

Back in September, when my dad was first diagnosed, there was a few days where I heard U2 songs everywhere I went. In the car, in stores, at the gym. etc. I am positive that was you, showing me that you were here, and that we were going to get through this. Maybe tomorrow, you can throw me a U2 song?

Sometimes I wonder what you would be like if you had never gotten sick, and if you were still here. Tragedies will happen and I'll watch the news and think "man, what would Laurence have done if he was here?". There's no doubt in my mind you'd still be changing lives and inspiring people. Because that's happening now, even though you aren't here. Every single person who hears your story is touched, and moved to action. It's incredible.

This day makes me miss you, but I know, I just know, that good things continue to happen because of your legacy. I am sad that you did not get more time, but I am overjoyed that I had the honor and privilege of having you as my little buddy, that I witnessed your story, and that I can tell that story.

I look for you a lot. Just in passing- in the smiles of others, in acts of kindness. Sometimes I feel you beside me, cheering me on when I have a new idea or a goal. But two years ago, I saw and felt you most when we were in Ft. Walton. We are headed there again in April, and I can't wait to see you there. We will be side by side, just like when we were kids.

I love you Laurence. Please look over my daddy and the rest of my family tomorrow. I miss you. See you in Florida.

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