Saturday, November 17, 2012

happy birthday sam!

There is a girl in Niles MI who is celebrating her birthday today. And I should be there. Because that's what best friends do. As I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure we've ever missed a birthday celebration with each other before? Except maybe my 24th birthday, when I went to Indy and she did not come with me. But other than that, we've pretty much been there for each other's birthdays since 2007. But unfortunately there's just too many things happening in my life right now, I can't take a trek out there.

But the good news, I can still celebrate her. Because she deserves to be celebrated. Because she is the kind of person who celebrates everything, the kind of person who dances through life with a smile on her face. She lives passionately. Everything and everyone matters to her.She's the kind of person who is moved by art, specifically music. She likes to listen to people more than she talks, so that she can gain a better understanding of them. She pays attention to the little, but important, details.

Sam, Friendships are hard. They take work. Sacrifice. But ours is pretty simple. I guess it's because we care too much to let silly things get in the way. I know we always joke that "we are the same person" but really, we have  a lot of differences. That's what makes this friendship so great and so unique. I laugh when people say our friendship is only based off American Idol. If they only knew. If they only knew that we are better than that. I think people forget we were friends before we learned our mutual love for that show. We became friends the instant we met. I latched onto you and your fiery personality. Your love for Idol was only an extra added plus. The fact that we are both so fueled and energized by music is something we share, yes, but it is not all that we share. You are the one who was there for me when my world came crashing down, you are the one who knew why I was heartbroken when a stupid boy changed his mind and forgot about me. You have been there for it all, and you have supported me through the ups and the downs. That is what friendship is.

You and I have been through our share of sadness and heartbreak, that's for sure. Life hasn't always been fair and we've lost a lot of people. I think that's what has made us even closer. One day we'll make it. One day we'll each find our perfect man and we won't have to deal with these stupid guys anymore. One day we'll get what we deserve.

So happy birthday Sam,  raise a glass tonight and know that we are lucky to have you . All of us.

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