Monday, August 1, 2011

look at me now

I thought it was about time to do one of my "life update" posts. These ones are more for me than anyone else, but if you are intrigued by my life, then I hope you enjoy :)

First of all, I'm another year older. As most of you know, I was quite excited to not be 23 anymore. I had a rough year. I was grieving the loss of an entire year with MVC-I lost an amazing job with great kids, I lost my all happened fast and I did not adapt well. I struggled to find a job, had a really horrible part time job experience, etc. I'm glad that's over. Here's to a new year, and here's to my wonderful family, friends, and co workers who made by birthday special.

What I'm Up To: A lot. :)

Work. July was kind of a quiet month. August will be rather busy. I have at least three new volunteers starting, hopefully two more. That takes a lot- training, introducing to patients, managing their files, etc. Also have a few senior health fairs planned and perhaps a volunteer coordinator weekend retreat. A lot going on!

Becoming a Mercy Associate. No, that's a not a nun. An associate is " women and men who hear and respond to a call from God, an invitation to Gospel holiness lived through sharing in the mission of Mercy". I made the decision to become an associate based on my desire to take a closer, more serious walk with the Sisters of Mercy. I absolutely adore their mission and support each of their programs. Becoming an associate will just take me a step deeper into that Circle of Mercy. I'm very excited about this process and have a meeting this Saturday to discuss the next steps.

Helping to strengthen St. Hugo's Youth Group
. The youth group at my church is not as active as some of us would like. I am teaming up with our pastor and two other young adults- one the campus minister at Marian, the other UofD. We've had one meeting so far and another tomorrow evening. I'm excited about our ideas, and excited to be working with youth again and doing something I'm passionate about, which is helping kids find their purpose.

Writing a book. The book on Laurence is a huge task. I've only been able to do a handful of interviews, due to timing. I think I'll be able to get more done once summer is over and people have gone back to regular schedules that don't include vacations and summer camps. I write when I can, and expect it to take about a year or so before I can say I'm finished. But, I am very happy with the interviews I've had so far. People have been very open and honest with me, eager to help and share their story of Laurence. I'm really excited for my next interview, which is with a little girl who continues to live Laurence's mission in big ways.

Dieting. I haven't been so good about journaling my food, but the difference I see in my energy level and choices is incredible. I'm full quicker, I can talk myself out of fast food cravings, I just feel better overall. I know this is going to take a long time, but I'm happy, and very proud of myself.

What I'm Looking Forward Too:
Idol Concert. Can't believe it's Sunday. I don't feel prepared. I'm only going to one show this year with no "ins" this time, so I have no idea if I'll be going to an after party. I'm just excited because I hear it's a great show, one of the best Idol concerts ever because of the performers and music. I don't even have my tickets yet. Hoping they release awesome seats right before the show :) I know no matter what happens Sam and I are going to have a wonderful time. No drama, no high hopes, just fun.

Visit to Gem/Melinda concert. It has been a little over TWO years since I've been able to hear Melinda sing live. That's just not right! On August 19th I'll leave work and head to Gem's house, Saturday morning she and I will drive to Lexington. We'll meet up with Maria and Des and then go to the show. Cannot wait to hear Melinda sing again and to spend a weekend with my backups!

Dave and Katie's wedding! Two of my lovely community members/friends for life are getting married in September. I'm super excited to be there and to see them, as well as spend the weekend with my two friends Jason and Meghan. I've never been to Orlando and can't think of a better reason to go than to celebrate the love of two wonderful people.

What I'm Reading:
Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekkanen. It's really good- great story, interesting, creative. I should be finished with it by the end of the week and then I'll start These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf.

What I'm Watching:I don't watch much TV in the summer, but I especially don't watch TV in the summer when I'm working and getting involved in other projects. My guilty pleasures include the Glee Project (#teamsamuel) and the Challenge Rivals...other than that, not watching a lot of TV.

What I'm Listening Too:
A list of my current favorite tunes....

-Valerie, Amy Winehouse
-Skyscraper, Demi Lovato
-Lonely, Christina Perri
-Remind Me, Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood
-Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO
-If I Die Young, The Band Perry
-Best Thing I Never Had, Beyonce
-Look At Me Now, Chris Brown ft Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes

What's new with you? :-)


Shari said... Add Reply

Just READING about all you're up to makes me tired ;-)

Seriously, though, it's awesome how involved you are with everything. Getting to help out with the youth group at church sounds like such a great opportunity. I know nothing will ever be the same as your time with MVC, but it's obvious how strong a passion you have for helping youth and this will be a way for you to make a difference in even more lives.

So glad to hear things are going well with the book. The interviews must be such an emotional process ... everything related to this project must be. You're amazing to take it on and spread his message. Wonderful things are going to happen from this book, I know it.

I'm super excited for you to see Melinda again and can't wait to hear about it. I'm excited to hear what you think about the Idol show, too! Mine's on the 17th and has definitely given me something to look forward to the past couple months.

And, to round out the longest comment ever: I'm excited that you're enjoying Skipping a Beat! I read it back in February and STILL find myself thinking about it sometimes. I'm really anxious to hear what you think of the ending and epilogue. We must chat when you're finished reading!

Katie said... Add Reply

I loved reading this and knowing I am not alone in all the busy-ness that is my life ;)

You are a wonderful person who is doing wonderful things with your life! I am blessed to be able to see glimpses of it :)