Sunday, July 24, 2011


Most of us cannot even imagine the life of a musician. Day in and day out, they are writing, recording, touring, planning, creating, meeting and greeting, etc. I know they asked for that life, but that doesn't mean the pressure can't get to them. They feel pressure from their fans to be this perfect person the fans have in their mind, pressure from their managers/producers to create something amazing that will sell, pressure from other artists they are competing against. At some point, they aren't even living for themselves.

Mix that in with addiction, and you have a full on disaster. Addiction is scary, tragic disease. It is not a choice. The decision to try drugs, have a few drinks? that's choice. But when you can no longer function as a human being without substances, you aren't you anymore. The drugs and alcohol have taken over the body and the mind. You feel trapped, you hate yourself. And you see no way out. Hope is diminished.

It is terribly sad that we've lost Amy Winehouse. She was a talented young woman who inspired millions, including Adele and Lady Gaga. Amy joins the 27 club. It's scary, it's sad. I cringe when I see jokes about it, because addiction is no joke, and certainly death is no joke either. I wish she could have gotten help. I wish someone would have touched her life enough to turn it around. I know she must have been in some very dark times to feel that low and helpless that she was killing herself with drugs and alcohol. My heart hurts for that, and for the millions of other people in this world who are not the help that they need.

We can't let this keep happening. We need to spread awareness about addiction, we need to spread awareness about hope. Don't give up.

I also just want to say- addiction is not always in the form of drugs/alcohol. You can be addicted to food, self hate, cutting, internet, gambling, etc. Anything that takes over your life, so that you are no longer living your life in a healthy way. Or, you are trying to get rid of other feelings (guilt, depression, anxiety) by fully indulging in things that fill you up in that moment..and soon you just cannot live without that one thing. That's dangerous. No matter what it is you are addicted to, it's dangerous. Filling your life with friends, family, God, are so much more worth while.

Rest in peace, Amy. Thank you for giving us the gift of music. We are blessed because of it.

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