Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Season 10: Top 20 Performances

Well, Season 10. We've had our ups and downs. I'm happy with the winner, as I predicted it would be Scotty all along. My favorites? Casey, Jacob, Naima. And here, my friends, are my top 20 favorite performances from Season 10.

20. Paul McDonald, Maggie Mae. At first, Paul was one of my favorites. Loved his unique sound! I tired of him pretty quickly, but I enjoyed this perfomance.

19. Paul and Kendra, Blackbird. I love the way their voices sound together! I never thought Kendra was as amazing as everyone else seemed to, but this was a stand out Hollywood week performance for me.

18. Lauren, Candle in The Wind. Lauren has such a strong voice for her age. I don't think she's quite up there yet, but this was one of my favorites from her.

17. James, "Uprising". I was never a big James fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed this performance.

16. Lauren Turner, Seven Day Fool. This girl was STRAIGHT. UP. ROBBED. Her voice is outstanding. I'm still super bitter that she did not make it into the top 13. I hope she continues to pursue music.

15. Lauren and Scotty, I Told You So. Flawless.

14. Pia, All Is Fair. Still gives me chills.

13. Haley, Bennie and the Jets (Swan Song Version). I was never on the Haley train, but for some reason I LOVED when she did this as her goodbye. I think it has a lot to do with her energy and the fact that she and Naima had a dance party.

12. Naima, Dancing In The Streets. I love this girl and her creative energy!

11. Scotty, Gone. Scotty is IN IT TO WIN IT!

10. Casey and Haley, Moanin. Their voices are so amazing together.

9. Jacob, You're All I Need To Get By. I seriously loved every Jacob performance (except No Air). This one makes me cry.

8. Stefano, If You Don't Know Me By Now. Though call between this one and Need You Now. But when I think of Stefano I think this song.

7. Casey, I Put A Spell On You. I fell madly in love with him during this performance.

6.Scotty, You've Got A Friend. So beautiful!

5. Lauren, Anyway I really connect with this song and thought Lauren did a beautiful job.

4. Pia, I'll Stand By You. Because she came out there, did this song and left America in tears.

3. Haley, I Who Have Nothing. Now you're probably wondering...if you didn't like Haley why is she in your top 3? Well. Because even I can admit that this was outstanding.

2. Jacob, A House Is Not A Home My Jacob boo!

1. Casey, I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends. If I could, I would have put every Casey performance on this list :)