Monday, May 9, 2011

keep it positive

I've had a very serious lack in energy for writing ever since the A-Z challenge ended. I asked for suggestions on Facebook, got a great one from Linda- "One positive thing you witness each day". I have many, so I decided to write a list.

-Seeing sunshine out my window when I wake up in the morning. It is such a sweet relief to wake up to that rather than pitch dark skies and freezing weather.
-When my mom and I are on the same schedule and getting ready for work together.
-Listening to 96.3 on my way to work. I love that morning show. The three of them have this wonderful energy with each other, they are more like family than radio show hosts. Allyson cracks me up, and lately has inspired me with her weight loss. I love them and love that they are so community focused.
-The fact that I have a job that I can drive to every morning :-)
-My co-workers who have been so super supportive of me and willing to help, even in the crazy transition phase we are going through.
-My volunteers who have compassionate hearts and listening ears.
-Getting text messages throughout the day- the random surprise ones are the best!
-Going to the gym after work when I get the chance and seeing the "usual after work crowd".
-Home cooked meals at the table with my parents, talking about our days. I love listening to my mom's stories about her kids and their crazy antics.
-Watching "our shows" (yes I'm a nerd)- Glee, Idol.
-Reading before bed, having a conversation with God, and then drifting off to sleep
-Seeing the beauty in people and in this world, every single day.

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I love this. Thank you for paying the positivity forward and inspiring it in all of us :)