Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Wonder...

First of all, no, I have not heard from any potential jobs. Yes, I'm starting to stress out a little bit. They all said one-two weeks though, and it's been exaclty one. Plus, like I said, I am very grateful that I had interviews. Ijustreallyreallywantoneofthosejobs.

Anyways, today I am bringing, for your reading pleasure, a second edition of "Second Graders Say the Cutest Thing". A few months ago I posted an entry with some of the stories from my mom's kids. Ths time, their project was to write "I wonder"...they had to do one for who, why, when, where, what, if, and how. My mom picked her favorite from each student and made a book. Here are some of MY favorites.

I wonder if when you see a shooting star, your wish really comes true.

I wonder who tells the sun to go down and the moon to go up.

I wonder why we don't have hurricanes in Michigan when we are surrounded by lakes

I wonder if my cat went to Heaven when he died

I wonder when Jesus will return to Earth...

I wonder how come Ann Frank is so famous

I wonder if my dad has met Mrs. Carolin's parents in heaven (this one legit made me cry).

I wonder where Santa has test flights

I wonder when Santa will die

I wonder why stars are so bright

I wonder if everyone in our class will get married

I wonder why God gave us dreams

I wonder who made God

I wonder what God looks like

I wonder where stars go during the day

I wonder if God has a mother

I wonder if Santa is watching me still

I wonder where the homeless give birth (this AMAZED me that a 7 year old came up with this)

The imagination of children fascinates me. I've got a new temporary babysitting gig (been thankful to pick up a couple of these while I'm out of work) that has been going on for the past three weeks and ends next week. Anna is 5 and Owen is 3. They are precious and honest, loving and playful. They are constantly playing make believe, and the things they come up with astonish me. I am instantly reminded of my childhood, when I spent countless days at my friends house playing Barbies, paper dolls, office, school, Babysitters Club, etc. It saddens me that the innocence, the imagination, is gone. I still get ideas, I work well, but I can't "pretend" like they do. Or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. Maybe I'm too caught up on worrying about "grown up stuff" that I'm not allowing myself to imagine.

Hope you all have a blessed week.

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Jena said... Add Reply

Don't worry. Your innocence and imagination are not gone. They've just been pushed back into a corner a bit, not destroyed, but blocked by thoughts and concerns of adulthood. It's temporary though. Your early and mid twenties are something of a culture shock into adulthood, but eventually you'll be able to put all the new concerns in perspective, and balance them with imagination and innocence again. Things will come back, and next time around, you'll have a deeper appreciation and respect for those "childlike" aspects of yourself that allow you to hope and dream. You'll be able to nurture them better. That's what I think, now that I'm in my thirties.