Sunday, January 9, 2011

I trust that you are God

I love to write. We all know this. I even love writing papers for school. Yes, I was one of those kids. I may or may not have written papers for my friends in college. (Hey Jess Hey). So why then, am I having such a hard time writing my personal statement for my application to Wayne State?

First question has me stumped: Why have you chosen social work as a profession?

Um. Well. Because I spent a year of my life working in a school where I was essentially filling social work duties and I loved it more than I could possibly express. Because I have never experienced a greater feeling than the moments when I would see a change in a kid, or that I somehow brought joy or understanding to a kid. Or because I was so passionate about helping them achieve their goals- emotionally and academically that I literally LOVED going to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because despite all of their problems, they had a spark of hope that kept shining through. Because I saw them make it. One day at a time, and that was all I needed.

How I express my extreme passion for helping kids reach their goals in a school setting is beyond me. I just know it is something that not only I want to do, but I have to do. It's in my bones.

Is that good enough for you, Wayne State? Probably not. Maybe you can read my blogs from July 09-August 10. That may help.

Sigh. Back to work.

Oh, but before I do....the power of positive thinking is no joke guys. Today I was in such a funk. Couldn't tell ya why but all I wanted to do after my walk was lie in bed (and I wasn't that tired, just bummed out). I eventually got myself up and dressed, put a little makeup on, and headed to Church. I was praying for God to bring me some comfort. He did. The priest was talking about how sometimes we have to let ourselves go of our expectations of ourselves in order to really live. He said in faith that means letting go of what WE want and listening to what GOD wants. That was exactly what I have been struggling with and needed to hear. I'm listening, God. I was very happy to know that He is taking care of me, and when I needed out of my funk all I had to do was push out all the bad and refocus on positivity. I encourage all of you to do the same. Don't get stuck.

And because I love you I'm leaving you with gifts of three of my favorite songs latley. You are SO welcome.

This one below, all of you MUST listen.

Have a blessed week.

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Shari said... Add Reply

Could you maybe incorporate some of what you wrote in those blog entries into the essay? There's something so pure and real about them - they paint your picture and reasoning so, so well!