Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You?

Where were you?

Freshmen year of high school. Health class, second hour. We were discussing eating disorders. Suddenly, our principal comes over the announcements and says "A plane has crashed into the world trade center". Silence. Her voice cracked as she continued to inform the school what was happening. We could tell she was crying. I looked up at my teacher, who was now in tears. What does this mean? I was so confused. Then I began to put the pieces together- we have been attacked. Our country. Someone hates us so much that they just killed all those people. My heart broke. Why?

The rest of the day was far from normal. Teachers cancelled classes. Girls huddled together in front of the tiny tv in the library to watch the coverage. I was confused, and scared. I didn't know anyone in NYC, but I was scared for the people there, for all the lives lost. I remember comforting a friend who was bawling her eyes out because her sister had just taken a job at the WTC. I had no words, could only hug her. I remember all sports practice and games got cancelled. I walked outside after school and saw hundreds of girls running to their parents cars...other girls huddled in groups talking. I remember how quiet it was. For a school with at least 600 teenage girls, we were dead silent. My dad picked me up that day, which was unusual because I always went home with a junior in our neighborhood. I don't remember the conversation between my dad and I, or the conversation at home. I just remember being very confused, and hurt.

As the weeks went on I was still trying to piece it all together. I've always been one of those "can't we all get along" type of people. Our school had a special Assembly to honor those whose lives were lost, those who fought to save lives, and those who were now suffering because they were middle eastern. Mercy had several girls from that background, and they felt it was important to speak out.

Nine years later, it still deeply saddens me, as I'm sure it does everyone else in this great nation of ours. I'm not going to pretend like I know everything politically, because I don't. But I do know this:
-I am proud to be here.
-I am grateful for those who have fought for our defense and protection.
-I am deeply sorry for those whose lives were lost, and for those that knew them. May we continue to honor those people forever.
-I believe in love. All kinds of love. I believe hate needs to be replaced with love.
-Tell the people in your lives that you love them and you are thankful for them. Every single day. Because one day it could all vanish.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to accomplish with this blog. I've been reading a lot of "where were you" stories today and finding how connected all of are...I hate that it had to be through tragedy, but we can at least recognize the pain and suffering those people went through. Today is not about me by any means, but I did spend a good part of the day thinking about my purpose on this earth. I wonder if others do the same.

I love you all.

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