Thursday, February 18, 2010

But don't worry about me Cause I'm stronger then you think

I think today was one of the best day's I've had at work. I came home loving life, with the biggest smile on my face. Thursday's are my easy days, and I had a very special visitor- my mommy :)

Before I get into the details, I should update you on my Lenten journey! This is day 2...and yeah, it's going to be a long 40 days without facebook/twitter. Everything is going so well, though, and I feel like I'm going to have a huge breakthrough. I was already doing well with my dieting and "lifestyle", but I'm even more aware of it now that I cannot eat meat or go out to eat. I also have amazing support from one of my friends (thanks Christina) and daily e-mails from Fr. Jose, a priest who works at the school. My roommates are way into it, too, which is helpful. my great day. Everything was going pretty well anyways, but having my mom there made it 20298 times better. This morning, two angels were sent to me in the form of two of my closest students. They each shared a song they liked with me, and both songs struck so close to things I am going through. It was a very strange sequence of events but also so perfect. Plus, God gave us sunshine today! My mood has been way down because of the cloudy, gloomy weather...but today the sun was shining and immediately altered my mood. God knows what I need and takes care of me :)

So. My mommy arrived right before the freshmen lunch. I was so excited to see her. I've had an...interesting...past couple of days, trying to sort out my emotions and deal with stress and anxiety. She stood in the cafeteria as I served lunch and I could overhear several students walking over and introducing themselves politely...I was especially shocked to hear one of my biggest problem children holding a very mature, polite conversation! My mom was impressed with the way my kids carried themselves. After lunch, I took her around to a few teachers and brought her into a sophomore theology class so she could meet some of my sophomores. Sr. Rita, who was teaching the class, told them they could ask my mom questions about me:

"Did she ever get in trouble?"-student 1
"All the time..."my mom
"No but, never"-my mom

"Why didn't the gel stay in her hair?"- student 2 (she was referring to this picture that all my kids have seen:

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"I don't matter how much gel we put in it wouldn't work"- my mom


"Does she have a special someone in her life"- student 3
"I can't reveal that information"- my mom

See, here's the thing. There's three different groups of girls who like to figure out if I have a boyfriend. One group has decided he is a "hot black man" (their words, not mine) named Andrew. Another group has decided that it's Nate,because they saw us together at an orchestra..but they didn't know his name, so they named him Charlie. The third group doesn't have a name for my "boyfriend" and his looks change daily. Well, a few days ago, these groups merged. So now they think I have three boyfriends, or that Nate is my "hot black man" boyfriend, when really, nothing is the truth. So this girl had the guts to ask my mom.

She also met a student who called her "mama carolin" and another who said "I just want to say that you must be an amazing mother for raising this girl. She's amazing and I can go and talk to her about anything." kids :)

Then my mom and I went to lunch at one of my favorite Detroit places, Mudgies. MMM, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Also, yes I am aware I'm not supposed to be going out to eat. However, everyone said since it was with my mom it was okay. So there.

When I got back to school, it was time for creative writing. My name came up in four papers today.

Two from the prompts "What makes me happiest"

"Being in Miss Carolin's creative writing class or study skills class or peer mediation or anything with Miss Carolin."

"The people who make me happiest are my friends, my mom, and Miss Carolin. I'm happiest when I'm talking to Miss Carolin".

From the prompt "10 Things That Make Me Laugh"

"Miss Carolin and Mr. Anderson"... "Miss Carolin when she's scared".

From the prompt "People Who Inspire Me" :

"Miss Carolin is an interesting volunteer I met this year. I feel a strong connection with her. I have a lot in common with her as well. I feel our hearts are close and I don't know what I'm doing to do without her next year. Mrs Rowe should hire her."

Also, this rap one of my boys wrote was too good to not include in here. Enjoy.

Check my personality,
There ain't no confidentiality
And if spittin' was a skill then it is my specialty
Can you feel the gravity I'm so spaced out
I'm down to earth,
These rhymes leave you with tragedies,
heat strong where's your sweat shirts,
Catch me at the bakery, you
know I be cakin'
But when shawty try to holla back I
Tell her that I'm takin'
I'm so down to earth I keep my music in the basement
See my music is an artwork, do you like
my finger paintin'
This is a KRAFT in the makin' and I'm just droppin singles,
But you can never mix my cheese with others, they just mingle

Aah, just such a good day. I loved being able to introduce my mom to my world, have her meet some of the kids I talk about daily. Plus, I have a job interview next week with the YMCA working as the Program Coordinator for Girls On The Run :) Things are looking up, friends.


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Seriously. So proud of her.

Okay, I'm out. Have a lovely day everyone. Song of the day...Kelly seriously knows my life.

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