Monday, September 7, 2009

I have exciting news!

Since the end of June, I’ve lost almost twenty lbs! I really owe it to the weekend I spent in Cleveland with Women of Faith. Hearing their testimonies, advice, personal stories, and songs made me realize so much about myself and give me the ability and will to control my own life. Another big help is the fact that I’m not able to spend much money, so that cuts down and buying junk food. I’m also exercising more, although I’m not doing my scheduled walks I am walking much more and using steps several times a day. I’m feeling much better about myself and noticed a significant change in my energy level (other than the days I’m beat from long work days). You can’t really tell (except in my face) but it was wonderful to hear from quite a few people this past weekend who haven’t seen me in a while that I look great…my parents noticed right away and made several comments throughout the weekend. I’m definitely going to keep this up and continue on the healthy journey.

I honestly wouldn’t be able to do this without the constant support I receive from so many people. My parents are obviously my number one support, but also all those who encourage me. Of course I am most thankful to God, for allowing me to see in myself my struggles with food and for setting me free, for giving me the strength to go through all of this. I am also thankful to God for sending Mandisa to me. I know I probably talk about this too much but I honestly couldn’t be where I am today without her. She is not only a role model and an inspiration but also a constant source of support and wisdom. I wish she knew just how much of a blessing she has been to me- I would be completely lost and alone without the advice and guidance she gave me. She truly leads by example- as I was reading her book a year and a half ago, I was amazed by how closely her story related to mine. I finally felt like there was someone in the world who understood me. Never did I imagine that she would turn out to be someone so vital to my life. I am very grateful for her and for God for placing her in my life- at the most perfect time. I will continue to fight this journey with her, we’re in it together!

Random side note, but I have one complaint about the past couple weeks. Everything has been so perfect, except that I have not been able to TRULY write. I’ve been writing blogs and journals about my daily life and experience as a Mercy Volunteer, but I haven’t really written and poured out my heart in way too long. I can’t force it otherwise it won’t be from the heart. It’s slightly frustrating because music and writing are my two outlets, and when I just sit there wanting so desperately to write I can’t. Other than that frustration, life is wonderful- I spent my weekend away from my community and with close family and friends- it was great and so so SO much fun, but I did miss my roomies! We’re all sitting together right now just chatting. Love these kiddos. They are my new family. Each of them inspire me.
Tomorrow is back to the real world-school officially starts so we’ll see how hectic the week is. I’m going to go to the first volleyball game tomorrow night to support some of my girls.

Coming up in the next couple weekends we have Dave’s birthday, new show at Matrix, Cedar Point, and our open house party where we are having sisters, neighbors, co-workers, and friends over. We’re pretty much booked with stuff until the end of October, depending on the person and what they have going on.

Hope everyone has a great, short week! I want everyone who reads this to let me know what’s going on in their life!

Song of the Day- Kate Voegle- Lift Me Up


Shari said... Add Reply

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! That is a wonderful accomplishment, and I'm so proud of you for sticking with this. We could all learn a lot from you and your determination, you know :)

Second - I know all to well what it's like to so desperately want to write but to be unable to for some reason. It's really, really tough ... but it also makes it all the more special when you CAN sit down and do nothing but write. I hope you find that time soon <3

Good luck tomorrow! :-)

Spunky said... Add Reply

Way to go Megan!!!!!!!!!