Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm only two weeks into this new beginning of mine and I'm already feeling the pressure of what's the next step. I get daily questions on what I want to do after this, where I see myself in a few years, etc. How the heck do I know? Maybe I want to go to grad school, maybe find a job around here, maybe move somewhere else. Yeah, I can sit here and say I'm waiting to see where this year takes me, but when July rolls around and I'm finished with my year of service and moving out of this amazing house, what do I do then? In reality, in a few months I've really got to start working toward something.

I've met so many spectacular people this week, almost every single one of them has made a huge positive impact on me in just the few moments that we talked. One of those people I met today, and her name is Sr. Catherine. She works in the campus ministry office at University of Detroit Mercy, where we went today to get college id's in order to use their facilities. She was the sweetest and reminded me so much of Mrs. MacLennan at Mercy- so welcoming and willing to help, a great support person to have. It was obvious that everyone at UDM held her in high respect. What a wonderful person, I hope we see lots more of her this year.

We also met our support people- Mike and Amy. They were both Jesuit Volunteer's, so they understand our situation, excitement, nervousness. They were wonderful, Mike gave us a tour of Southwest Detroit and they both took us to dinner. They said they are here for us whenever, mentioned that the hardest part of community life is being open and honest with everyone, and offered to meet with us once a month to make sure everything is going smoothly. I tell ya, MVC Staff really takes care of us.

Right before I fell asleep last night I thought of awesome lyrics but I was in that zone where I was too tired to get up and write them down. I HATE when that happens, because now I can't remember what they were. Hopefully they will come to me another time :)

Please remember to pray for Laurence. Things aren't looking too good right now, but you wouldn't know it with his positive attitude. He's such an inspiration!

I'm off to read and then get some sleep- but I am looking for new book suggestions, so let me know if you have any good ones. We have a huge used book store by our house and are pretty close to the library.



Babz said... Add Reply

yay! Love reading your blogs :-) You are so awesome for taking advantage of such an amazing opportunity. <3

Shari said... Add Reply

Sending many good thoughts to Laurence!!

And as for that next step for you - I have complete confidence that you're going to be able to figure out EXACTLY what it's going to be. You're one of the most determined, hard-working, purpose-driven people I know. If anyone can make things happen, it's you!