Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weight Loss Update

Usually on Sunday's, I make an Instagram post that updates my progress on my 7 week challenge, along with celebrations. This week had so many ups and downs and turns though, that I thought a blog post would better capture where I stand right now.

As a reminder, here is what I have been doing with my challenge:

So at the beginning of the week, I was super excited because I had lost 4 lbs. I was at my lowest weight to date, and just 2 lbs away from my "ideal weight". I credited it to my clean eating plan, as well as my weight lifting. I was so excited and knew that if I just kept going, I would hit that magic number.

But then...

I went on a work conference Thursday-Friday. Although I had it in my head that I would be careful and continue with my plan, things didn't quite work out that way. For the most part, it was beyond my control. I have no idea how the convention center prepared their foods or what kind of sauces/spices they used, which makes it really tricky to count calories or to watch my sugar/sodium intake. For the past 4 weeks I have been REALLY strict with my diet. Nothing over 12 grams of sugar, no bread, no chocolate, no alcohol, etc. During these two days, I broke nearly every rule. During our conference there was candy on the table. Do you KNOW the struggle of sitting in a room for 8 hours with candy staring right in front of you? I admit, I broke down, and had a few pieces. Did you know there are TWENTY FOUR grams of sugar in a BITE SIZE Milky Way? I do now. Needless to say, I went way over my sugar/sodium goals.

To top that off, we were jam packed with meetings and lectures, leaving little time to move. I did manage to workout Friday morning, but for just 20 minutes. Better than nothing, but not nearly what I usually do.

And one more kicker- I did not drink near the amount of water that I usually do. I would say I drink around 90 oz a day. At the conference, it was probably more like 24.

So, do you know what happens when you've been eating super clean and then have two full days of- well- not clean? You gain weight. And I went back up 5 lbs.

I've read a lot about it, and here's what I've managed to grasp: It's not actual weight. It's more water retention. My body is basically trying to process all the junk, and since I didn't drink enough water and ate a lot more carbs, it's holding on to the carbs. Mix that in with sodium which makes you bloat, my gain is really just my body being confused, and not being used to eating that "crud". Someone compared it to a hangover. I need to flush my body out now with tons of water and veggies.

So, that is what I will do. I will continue my plan of clean eating. Hopefully the water weight will disappear but if it doesn't, I just keep going. I'm on this plan for life. I'll keep up with my weight lifting and my cardio and making solid choices in my diet, and my body- and my mind- will be happier for it.

Today I will sit and make my diet and workout plan for the week, and get right back at it.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to refill my water bottle and make some vegetable soup :)

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