Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week, I am going to address some of the questions/comments that I receive in regards to my weight loss. In some cases, they can come off as offensive. Although I know that most people don't MEAN for it to come off that way, it can, and I want to help explain why.

  • "You're so healthy". I get this a lot when I am out to eat with family or friends and I order my turkey burger without a bun and swap fries for broccoli... or at a party and I fill my plate with veggies or salad. This is not one of the offensive statements, but, I never really know how to respond. I usually just shrug and say "yeah...".  I do my best. Sometimes I treat myself, but I always give myself a limit.
  • "Are you allowed to eat ::insert name of food here:: ?". I'm "allowed" to eat anything! As I said above, I do limit myself. But usually what I eat depends on how many calories I burned that day, what else I have consumed, etc.
  • "Are you tired of people telling you how good you look?" Honestly? No, I'm not. Maybe that makes me extremely narcissistic, but I've worked pretty hard to get where I am and it's reassuring to hear other people say that they notice certain things.
  • You are so much thinner-You haven't been sick, have you? I recently got this comment twice in one day, actually. I totally recognize that it was coming from a place of concern. Both individuals who asked me are older women whom I have a mother/daughter relationship with and I know that my well being is important to them- which I appreciate so much! BUT. What this insinuates is that I couldn't possibly have lost the weight without being sick. One of the things I am most proud of is that I have lost the weight gradually, and in a healthy way. I never once did anything crazy or a specific diet. And I certainly was not sick! The other thing it could mean is that I "look" sick. I certainly don't think that I do, and that's not how I took it, but I could see how someone else might.
  • How do you stay motivated? I've addressed this before, but I will say it a million times over if it will help someone else. It's hard, and I've been tempted to quit so many times In the 3 month plateaus, on the days when I'm so exhausted I have to drag myself to the gym, when my sore muscles need a break, when I'm sick of eating veggies. So, for a brief few moments, I remember how I felt before the weight loss: miserable. I was always sick, had zero energy and even the simplest of tasks seemed impossible. And I remember that I never want to feel that way again. So I keep on going. I also think about my future, and how I want to be able to run around with my kids- and also live longer, and steer away from things like cancer. That helps :)
  • Have you ever tried Beachbody/Body Wraps/??? No. I follow a loose paleo diet, and sometimes order off a gluten free menu, but that's really because I've chosen to eat low carb.  (PSA: Gluten free and low carb are NOT the same thing, but often the gluten free menu has low carb options). I've never tried a specific weight loss product or system. One of my trainers at the gym does not recommend the body wrap, and I trust him. When it comes down to it, I have not HAD to use anything. That's not to say that some of these products don't work- I am sure that they do, but everybody is different and I personally do not want to use a product. That's just me, though! My roommate has been pretty successful with the 21 day fix. I think the diet plan for that program is pretty great, as long as you follow it and stick with it.
  • What has been the best part about losing weight? There are so many ways that I could answer this question. I think, though, what it comes down to is the simple fact that I am doing whatever I can to add years to my life. Now, we all know that tomorrow is not promised, and that something out of the blue or tragic could happen. But, I also know that my getting healthy, fit, and strong, I am extending my life as much as I can control. I'm reducing the risk of most diseases and I am increasing my energy and strength. That doesn't mean I can never be diagnosed with cancer, but it does mean that my chances are less. It also means that instead of locking myself indoors because I have no energy and am feeling so sad and depressed that I am out and about and enjoying life a whole lot more. And the more I enjoy it, the more I want to stick around to see more of it :)
  • What does Tom think? Well, for starters, Tom fell in love with me at my heaviest weight. He's never really seen me as my weight or body type, he just sees me and knows me. He's proud of me, he's impressed by my strength (I know this because I practice my kickboxing on him), and he is happy that I have finally learned to love myself- but overall, I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me he always has.
  • What will you do when you hit your goal? For starters, I hope I will celebrate. I really didn't do much when I hit my 100 lb mark. My parents took me out and gave me a very nice gift, but that was it. When I hit my goal, I'm doing SOMETHING. Second, I will start the maintenance phase. Maybe cut back on my workouts, but continue to eat healthy. I want to work on toning. As far as what will I do with my time, I've actually thought a lot about that- that I'm gonna need a new hobby or passion. Maybe I'll do more yoga and running or maybe I'll do something totally different. I'm not sure yet ! Let's get there when we get there. Also, I'll have a lot less stuff to talk about ;-)

I know that some of what I said in this post is repetitive, but I thought it was a good "check in" to see how things were going. And since I've been getting stuck on what to write recently, I'm not asking YOU! What do you want to read more about? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.

-Food Diary
-Workout samples
-Emotional journey 
-Body positive stuff 
-Interviews from family/friends - This is one that I really wanted to do, but I don't want it to come off as asking people to tell me they think I'm great. I want to know how they perceive my weight loss- what changes they've seen in me, etc. Again, that probably makes me sound narcissistic, but I am curious and think that it would be interesting to get it from another perspective

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