Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

I can't believe it's already Wednesday again. I feel like I was just typing up last week's post.

So, remember that little "increase on the scale" I talked about last week? It has decreased again, back to the weight I was when I got back from Florida (which puts my weight loss at 58 lbs). I was hoping for a decrease plus some, but I didn't quite get that.

From March 1st-April 30th I dropped about 10 lbs, but from mid April-now I have only lost 4. I am not being too hard on myself, there is a lot that contributed to this: vacation, muscle soreness, etc. I am still very happy with my progress and with the changes happening in my body.

This may seem really silly to some of you, but the fact that I can wear an XL shirt (and it's even a little big) from events like Girls on The Run makes me very, very happy. At 5k's and volunteer events I typically have to order a XXL or bigger, and they were tight. The day I can comfortably wear a L will be the happiest day of my life. I don't think I will ever be a medium or small. I've got my dad's shoulders.

I packed up another big bag of clothes to give away, and I am dangerously low on spring clothes that fit me. I will be making a trip to my favorite store this weekend to see what I can find. Even my jeans that I bought for Florida, a size smaller than my normal size, are too big now. So even if I am not dropping "pounds", I am certainly losing inches and toning up more.

Just a tip I wanted to share to anyone who wants to start their weight loss journey or is having problems: PLANNING IS KEY. Every Friday night or Saturday morning, I look through healthy recipes and plan out each dinner for the next week. I typically bring the leftovers to lunch, but I grab a few healthy lunch items just in case (tuna, salad, greek yogurt, etc). If I do go out to lunch, I plan for it. Breakfasts are pretty much the same every morning- egg whites and spinach. Sounds boring, I know, but it works for me. I do NOT buy anything else at the grocery store unless it is on my list.

I have also started planning my workouts. I will write down what I plan to do every day (and plan a rest day or two). For my weight days, I go to and create a weight training workout depending on what I want to do. Last night I worked my arms and did abs.

Some examples:

Here is a typical example of my plan. Usually, Tom and I will order in or go out to eat on Friday's, but since he works late this Friday, I will make myself a meal...and have some leftovers for lunch! We have a bbq Saturday night.

Leg Workout Example

Part 2 Leg Workout Example


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