Saturday, November 12, 2011

cry baby

This is random.

Random Thoughts by Megan on a dark, Saturday night.

1. I love my job. I've been with the company for nearly 7 months now, and I fall in love with my job more and more every single day. It's no secret that we've had our struggles, and sometimes the heavy workload really weighs me down...but when it comes down to it, I happily wake up and drive to work every day. I am amazed and inspired by my patients, co workers, and, most of all, my volunteers. They put in so much to making our patients and staff happy. It really warms my heart. I'm a lucky girl, that's for sure.

2. I don't know when I'm going to begin feeling like I'm growing up. I feel like a stronger person, but I don't feel like a grown up. I think it helps that I'm the youngest person at work, so everyone considers me the babay. But then other times, I remember that I am managing a huge program and am the "supervisor" to people much older and wiser than I. Sometimes I feel like I can't wait to get out of my parents house and move on. Other times I just have the urge to curl in a ball, cry my eyes out, and have someone play with my hair and tell me it will be okay. Do we ever grow out of that?

3. I'm too tired to make friends. I know that sounds ridiculous. But I literally do not have more than a few friends I can call up and say hey let's hang out. And I am too lazy I supposed to make the effort to make new ones. I don't even know where to make new ones. (This is code for I'm really lonely and I hate it and wah wah wah)

4. Most of you have seen me post about this on facebook/twitter. But SERIOUSLY. If you want to hear a good Christmas song then you need to go to itunes/amazon this instant and download "God Bless Us Everyone" by Melinda Doolittle. Yes Melinda is my favorite Idol and I may be a little bias but it is my favorite Christmas song, ever. There is something about it that just warms my heart and makes me want to decorate a Christmas tree and eat sugar cookies and hug my family. It is the very definition of Christmas joy.

5. Sometimes I feel like the last year of my life didn't happen. I know that sounds crazy but I honestly like have blacked out the 10-11 year. I keep telling people I did a year of volunteer service last year...when really, last year I was sitting in different coffee shops for hours at a time, applying to jobs and listening to Nicki Minaj. I can usually pin down my feelings/emotions during a year, but last year was just BLANK. I'm glad I actually have some awesome things to remember about the second half of 2011, even if it was mostly work memories.

6. Here are some things I'm looking forward too:
Mandisa in Fremont Dec 18th
Getting in the Christmas spirit
Growing Up
Future Youth Group events


Elizabeth Rosalyn said... Add Reply

1. It is so wonderful to be inspired by your job everyday, and to feel like your work is making a huge difference. I'm happy to hear that you're in a good place! :)

2. I often wonder when I will start growing up too. At the same time, I'm scared of branching out into the real world.

3. Friendships do take a lot of effort to maintain. It's such a struggle to keep up those relationships and make new ones when our schedules are already jam-packed. If you ever get lonely, you can always reach me!

4. Melinda's holiday single is delightful! It's already on my playlist for Christmas 2011. :)

5. I tend to block out large chunks of 2010 too. It was an odd year.

6. <3

Shari said... Add Reply

1. Having a job that you love and that inspires you seems to be such a rare gift in today's world. So glad you've found that - and that your talent and heart are making such a difference for so many people.

2. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

3. I so wish you lived closer. Why do Michigan and Pennsylvania have to be so far away? Seriously, though, I know what you mean. After college, it seems really tough to meet new people. Where do you go for that? One (admittedly non-traditional) way I've found is actually through blogging. I've met some awesome people who live nearby that way and am actually meeting up with one in person tomorrow :)

4. <3 <3 <3 This Jewish gal adores it, too!

5. Ya know, sometimes work memories can be the best memories, though, especially for people like you who are truly doing so much. Wishing you a rest of 2011/2012 filled with vibrant vivacity!